Using Twitter as a recruitment tool

While some may see Twitter as a procrastination tool whilst attempting to study for exams or while pretending to look vaguely busy at work (obviously not something I would ever do!), the social media platform is actually a very relevant and useful recruitment tool. Some may question the calibre of candidates available to us on Twitter, however more and more young professionals are seeking out future employers in short, snappy tweets. Providing you understand how to correctly hashtag your way through an opportunity on Twitter, recruitment could be moving in a totally different direction for both recruiters and employees in 2016.

Getting started on Twitter

The first thing to understand about Twitter is that nothing will happen instantly. You need a constant stream of activity on your account in order to build up followers and attract attention to your page. As a recruiter you can either make a company account or use your own. Beware, however, if you use your own account and have had one too many over the weekend and subsequently decide to declare your love for someone, feel the urge to suddenly reveal how much you dislike your ex’s new girlfriend or just generally embarrass yourself all over the internet – all your clients and candidate will see this. It will be mortifying. Do not do it.

As you only get 140 characters in which to advertise a job, you need to make each character count! Don’t beat around the bush, just tweet something like, ‘Sales Administrator, Exeter, Competitive Salary, Fantastic Benefits (insert link to advert)’. In order to make your tweets reach a larger audience, make sure you also include hashtags such as #jobs, #recruiting, #jobhunt, #careers, #hiring, #salesadmin.

As well as using hashtags to build up followers, there are lots of other tricks you can use in order to widen your audience. You can run searches on Twitter to find particular clients, candidates or companies. You can also search by location, industry, popularity or by time. Make sure to also follow other recruiters as these may be a great source for candidates, clients or to find those all important leads!

Quality candidates

While some may worry that the quality of candidates sourced through Twitter won’t be as high as through traditional methods, Twitter can not only give you a great insight into a person’s private/work life balance, it also indicates that a candidate is innovative and creative – something that most employers look for in an employee!

Saving time

If you don’t have enough time in your day to constantly be tweeting away (which most recruiters don’t!), then there are handy sites, such as Jobvite and TweetMyJobs, that can help you reach the right audience. TweetMyJobs grabs your jobs posts from your company Twitter page and posts your jobs based on a specific geographical location and job function. Jobvite integrates LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook promotion and its products help with job post distribution, candidate sourcing and candidate tracking.

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