Pippa’s look back at 2016

Hello one and all – Pippa here.

How are you? How is the ‘build up’ going for you? Are you feeling glittery, warm inside and as though you’re starring in one of those brilliantly cheesy American Christmas movies which Channel 5 seem to love? Or are you strung out, toxic and cynical with a complexion like suet? I’m sort of oscillating between the two. One minute I’m trotting through the streets of London marvelling at how beautiful it is all lit up and twinkly, the next I’m twitching and terrified as yet another commitment my liver can’t cope with looms on the horizon. Continue reading…


Your quick guide to competency-based interviews

Interviewer: What are your strengths?
Interviewee: I’m hard-working, confident and good at computers.
Interviewer: Interesting. Do you know how to use any design packages?
Interviewee: Erm, no…but it’s okay, because I’m a fast learner.
Interviewer: Great. You’re in.

Life isn’t that simple. And with interviewers getting the same answers to the same questions from more and more people, they’ve started asking more specific questions in order to filter down their candidates.

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