Tate’s 30th competition

On the 4th November 1985, Tate was founded by Lady Virginia Tate, which means we’re turning 30 in less than 3 weeks!

To celebrate, we have organised a competition to offer you the chance to win £150, £50 or £25 in vouchers to spend on any experience of your choice. Continue reading…


The evolution of Tate

Tate is turning 30 next month and for the occasion, we have interviewed the founder of Tate (Lady Virginia Tate), a former Managing Director (now CEO of Impellam Group – Julia Robertson) and the current Tate Managing Director (David Clubb). This video follows the evolution of Tate and the recruitment industry, from Ginny Tate in 1985 through to David in 2015. Continue reading…


The tools of the trade

The tools of the trade – 1985 vs. 2015

Today, we would like to introduce you to our ‘Tools of the trade’ infographic, which shows the tools recruitment consultants were using 30 years ago and what they are using today in 2015 to recruit the best candidates. Continue reading…


Employees that employers are looking for

We found a great article called “What I look for in a job candidate” written by Jeff Fudge, VP of Technology at SATO Global Solutions.

Jeff shares his experience of recruiting people and the methods he uses to recruit the perfect employee. There is no clear answer as Jess explains how he went through different processes of recruiting throughout the years. Each employee is different and that’s why each interview should be different too. Continue reading…


Tate vs. the world

Tate vs. the world – 1985 – 2015

Here’s the third post to our #Tate30 campaign – an infographic which shows a timeline of world’s events as well as Tate’s history from 1985 until now. Continue reading…


Welcome to our blog & #Tate30

We’re very excited to launch #Tate30 today, celebrating 30 years of Tate, which was founded by Lady Virginia Tate in 1985.

During October, we’re going to be posting daily content (including this post), featuring a variety of content such as advice, guides, information on recruitment in the UK, etc. Continue reading…