Your quick guide to increasing your salary

Many workers are finding it more and more difficult to increase their earnings in a post-recessionary environment where companies are putting a squeeze on spending and headcount. But at the same time, living costs and property prices – particularly in London – show no sign of becoming more favourable. Here are some tips for how you can bridge the gap.
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April VolunTate

For this month’s VolunTate Gemma Dontas and Natalie Gibbings from the Milton Keynes branch took part in ‘Muddy Mucker’. They endured 5 miles and 30 obstacles and raised a fantastic £500.

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Your quick guide to competency-based interviews

Interviewer: What are your strengths?
Interviewee: I’m hard-working, confident and good at computers.
Interviewer: Interesting. Do you know how to use any design packages?
Interviewee: Erm, no…but it’s okay, because I’m a fast learner.
Interviewer: Great. You’re in.

Life isn’t that simple. And with interviewers getting the same answers to the same questions from more and more people, they’ve started asking more specific questions in order to filter down their candidates.

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Pippa’s Advice on Networking

When it comes to ‘networking’ people naturally tend to fall into one of two camps.
The first camp consists of those who love nothing more than the sniff of an opportunity to socialise with people who could help them progress in their careers. These people won’t even pause before accepting an invitation to work drinks or to a professional event. They actively look forward to work focussed occasions, will embrace the chance to impress and will invariably have a stack of business cards tucked away in a pocket, ready to be handed out to anyone useful. They will ‘work’ the room and come away from events with new contacts and useful information.
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Your quick guide to Telephone Interviews

As they’re receiving more and more applications by the day, hiring managers are increasingly turning to
telephone interviews as a means of sifting through vast numbers of candidates. Although phone interviews
allow candidates to get that proverbial foot in the door, they can also lure you into a false sense of security –
because they lack the immediacy of a face-to-face interview and can take place in your home. Here are
some tips to make sure you handle them the right way.

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managing work place relationships

Pippa’s Guide to Understanding your Boss and Managing Work Place Relationships.

Someone once asked me what being a PA was like. I replied ‘It’s as good or as bad as the boss I’m working for.’ I still stand by this. Being a PA means working really closely with your boss. Ultimately your job is to assist them, so you’re taking orders from them directly and are probably privy to more aspects of their life than anyone else in the company. In turn this means they essentially set the rules of your working life and dictate whether, come Sunday night, returning to work is something you dread, or look forward to.

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