Tate vs. the world

Tate vs. the world – 1985 – 2015

Here’s the third post to our #Tate30 campaign – an infographic which shows a timeline of world’s events as well as Tate’s history from 1985 until now. Continue reading…


Welcome to our blog & #Tate30

We’re very excited to launch #Tate30 today, celebrating 30 years of Tate, which was founded by Lady Virginia Tate in 1985.

During October, we’re going to be posting daily content (including this post), featuring a variety of content such as advice, guides, information on recruitment in the UK, etc. Continue reading…

Diary Management

Diary management for PAs and EAs

While the role of a PA or EA is constantly evolving, diary management continues to be a fundamental task. PAs spend at least a third of their time managing diaries, so it’s essential that you’ve mastered this aspect of your job. This guide provides tips to help you on your way. Continue reading…