How to start your career in HR

No matter what your age, previous working experiences or educational background, there are many ways to begin a career in HR. However, the HR department is usually a small team within a company and as a result the job market can be quite competitive.

If you love working with people and are interested in employment law, recruitment and employee development but don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to help further your career.

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How to have a great interview

Congratulations, you’ve got an interview! The company think you’re suitable for the role on paper and now want to get to know you in person. Here are our tips on how to get the best out of the interview and successfully present yourself:

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Pippa’s Guide to Working for an Introvert

Have you ever taken the Myers- Briggs test? It’s very popular in the business sector and is a test designed to indicate what an individual’s psychological preferences are. If you take it, (there are lots of free versions online) depending on what you answer to a string of questions, you will be assigned one of sixteen different personality types. It’s quite interesting to do and far more enlightening, revealing and useful than doing one of those cheesy multiple choice personality tests in a magazine or on Facebook, which I’ll admit to being partial to doing from time to time. As a result I leapt at the chance to give the Myers-Briggs test a go. The description of the personality I was allotted is me in a nutshell and the difference between silly magazine quizzes and this is that the former certainly wouldn’t be taken seriously by an employer whereas this would.

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temp job permanent

How to make your temp job permanent

Temping is a great way to earn a wage while gaining some varied experience and giving your CV a boost. It’s an increasingly popular form of employment for companies in these uncertain economic times as workloads can be eased without making a long-term financial commitment. It’s also popular among temp employees who are unable, or unwilling, to commit to a contracted 9 to 5 job.

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A PA’s guide to confidentiality

As a PA or EA, your ability to handle confidential subjects, issues, emails and documents is essential. And increasingly, PAs are asked in job interviews how they approach the issue of confidentiality. This guide offers insider knowledge that will help you to handle all things confidential with confidence. Continue reading…


Your quick guide on… Knowing your value

Selling your skills will be vital in securing your next job – which makes understanding what they are a significant first step.

In some cases, the things you’re good at will correspond with the things you like doing – we all tend to put more energy into the tasks that we enjoy. So, it’s worth initially considering what you enjoy at work, as this may help to piece together your unique skill-set.

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Pippa’s Guide on: How to Make your Executive Happy

Hello fellow PA’s.
Are you all well and enjoying this rather ‘dramatic in terms of news’ summer? I hope you have some holiday to look forward to and that the sunshine has warmed your bones during at least one or two of your lunch breaks.
I’m a huge fan of a proper lunch break by the way. Plenty of studies show that if you have a proper break during the day (and by that I don’t mean a snatched sandwich, stuffed in your mouth at your desk over a quick glance at Facebook), your performance will be far more effective overall. In fact, if you never stop and don’t schedule in the odd ‘proper’ rest/break, you will end up becoming totally wired. Of course, the culture of working endlessly has become common practice but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Still, this is all for another time perhaps, for what I want to focus on today is something I was musing on over a salad and a cappuccino in a nice, sunny square one lunchtime last week during one of my most pleasant breaks.

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job hopper

How to not look like a job hopper

These days, people change jobs far more regularly. It’s all part of a wider cultural shift, with employees typically feeling less loyalty to companies than they have historically, and focusing more on building up their CVs. But jump around too much, and you can be less attractive to employers. This guide provides a few tips on how to convince employers that you’re not a job hopper.

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