It’s all in the mindset

“Sometimes the only person holding you back is yourself.”

It might be a cliché but it’s true; you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to self-motivation and actualising goals. Summoning the courage to go for your dream job is difficult as it requires a lot of patience, confidence and energy, a lot more than you initially might think, and if you’re not wholly committed to pursuing your chosen ambition then it’s all too easy to fall at the first hurdle. Continue reading…

Year of You

Pippa’s Guide to January 2017 – The Year of You

Hi everyone, Pippa here with my first column of 2017.

Did you have a lovely break over Christmas? I certainly did. It’s unbelievable how exhausting the build- up is though isn’t it? By the time I’d made the long train journey home, up North, with bags so heavy and stuffed with presents they nearly snapped my spine and fingers, I felt utterly broken. Nothing to do with the serious hangover I had from my work Christmas party the night before of course…..

Anyway, Dad picked me up from the station, like a wonderful mirage, a true Christmas angel of the North, promptly relieved me of my bags and bundled me into his nice warm car at which point I feel asleep and dribbled onto his upholstery.

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Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

Your guide to being more effective in 2017

Breaking New Year’s resolutions has become almost as much of a cliché as making them in the first place. Despite starting off with the best of intentions, people often pour cold water on Dry January before the Christmas decorations have even come down. So how do you actually achieve the goals you’ve set yourself? Here are our tips on being more effective at work.

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Pippa’s look back at 2016

Hello one and all – Pippa here.

How are you? How is the ‘build up’ going for you? Are you feeling glittery, warm inside and as though you’re starring in one of those brilliantly cheesy American Christmas movies which Channel 5 seem to love? Or are you strung out, toxic and cynical with a complexion like suet? I’m sort of oscillating between the two. One minute I’m trotting through the streets of London marvelling at how beautiful it is all lit up and twinkly, the next I’m twitching and terrified as yet another commitment my liver can’t cope with looms on the horizon. Continue reading…


5 phrases you shouldn’t say in an interview

The purpose of an interview is to put a face to a CV – you’ll be asked to elaborate on your listed skills and experiences of course, but it’s predominately an opportunity for your prospective employers to get to know you and for you to get to know them.

Although you should feel able to be yourself while being interviewed, there are certain phrases that could potentially give the wrong impression and damage your chances of landing your dream job.

So, in order to truly showcase your talent and impress at an interview, please remove the following word assemblages from your brain and replace them with worthier phrases…

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5 tricky interview questions and how to answer them

Discussing your past experiences and qualifications is one thing, but what if your interviewer asks you something unexpected like, “How much money do you make at the moment?” It’s the kind of question your friends wouldn’t dare ask you, let alone a complete stranger, so how should you respond? Do you tell the truth? Do you exaggerate?

For this particular question it’s probably best to either politely refuse to answer or round up the figure slightly, but there are many other unusual questions an interviewer could ask that might throw you off your game.

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London’s Best Receptionist 2016

During the month of September, we invited Line Managers to nominate their Receptionist in order to be in with a chance of winning this prestigious Tate award and be recognised for their valued work. Three finalists were chosen and invited along with their Line Manager to join us in a celebratory lunch where the overall winner was announced.

The Winner was Su Gregory and the Runners up were Tina Sadler and Joanna Dryden.

A huge congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone involved. What a great day!
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Pippa’s Guide to Team Bonding

Hello, Pippa here. How are you all? Have your thoughts turned to Christmas yet?

Yes… I know I said the ‘C’ word and yes… I slightly hate myself for it. Every year I myself berate my mother for ringing in October to ask what present I want and what time she can expect me home on the 24th. My stock reply is always ‘the best present you could give me is not asking me to think of one in October and if you want me home on the 24th you need to calm down.’

The trouble is, she always thinks I’m joking so it’s become a tradition almost. Instead of changing her ways and realising she’s totally OTT she just laughs at me. If anything my plain speaking encourages her dubious pester tactics further and the volume of calls increase. So please now forgive me for my own premature Christmas chat.

In fact, maybe I should rephrase that opening gambit? Okay, I’ll ask this instead. Have your thoughts turned to ‘getting ready for the run up to Christmas’ yet? Mine have because two things have taken place, which signal that the run up is indeed upon us (mother’s phone call not included.)
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What to do if your employee asks for a payrise

If your employee has requested a pay rise, the way in which you respond could have a significant impact on them; a good experience may result in a reinvigorated interest in the role, increased job satisfaction and improved working relationships. A bad experience may result in resentment, tension and even a resignation letter.

In many ways your reaction is even more important than the issue of money. Often your employee is seeking validation for their work and some form of development in their role.

To help keep all parties happy, here are some things to consider should you be asked for a pay rise.

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