What to do if your employee asks for a payrise

If your employee has requested a pay rise, the way in which you respond could have a significant impact on them; a good experience may result in a reinvigorated interest in the role, increased job satisfaction and improved working relationships. A bad experience may result in resentment, tension and even a resignation letter.

In many ways your reaction is even more important than the issue of money. Often your employee is seeking validation for their work and some form of development in their role.

To help keep all parties happy, here are some things to consider should you be asked for a pay rise.

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first day

How to give your new starter a great first day!

We all know how nerve-racking it is to start a new job. It can take weeks to learn everyone’s names, get your head around the new computer system and establish which mugs have already been claimed in the kitchen.

It can be nerve-racking for the employer too. An induction can heavily disrupt the working day and take a lot longer than necessary if not properly organised. However, by working to make the new starter’s transition into your company as smooth as possible, not only will they feel more confident in their new role but daily routines will also be quickly re-established.

Whether you’re looking for a new employee at the moment or have someone starting soon, here are 8 tips on how to give a new starter a great first day.

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How to start your career in HR

No matter what your age, previous working experiences or educational background, there are many ways to begin a career in HR. However, the HR department is usually a small team within a company and as a result the job market can be quite competitive.

If you love working with people and are interested in employment law, recruitment and employee development but don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to help further your career.

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