Pippa’s Guide to Handling Difficult Conversations at Work

I had a lovely evening recently. Tasha was one of the first work friends I ever made in London when I moved here from the North some years ago now. We’d been meaning to catch up for ages and when we finally did it was like we’d seen each other yesterday (always the way with true friends.) By the end of the night we were hooting with laugher as we swapped memories of our time as fresh faced, ‘eager to please and impress’ PA’s. At one point we found ourselves reminiscing about a boss we both had the pleasure and displeasure of working for. Continue reading…

Annual Leave

Pippa’s advice on Annual Leave

Annual leave AKA holiday. Referring to one’s holiday as annual leave is a relatively new ‘thang’. I’ve noticed it more and more recently. Emails come back saying ‘I am currently away on annual leave.’ I suppose it sounds quite officious. It screams ‘this is time off I am absolutely entitled to so don’t bother me please, I need a break’ and is less likely to conjure up images of someone mainlining Pina-coladas and getting a tan. Continue reading…


Pippa’s advice on How to Present Yourself Confidently

Some months ago now, my boss was asked to give a speech to two hundred of his ‘not at all close’ fellow industry professionals, on a subject he’s completely adept in. Continue reading…

multiple managers

Pippa’s advice on How to Cope with Multiple Managers

Hello fellow worker bees. How are we all? Working and playing hard I hope? Trying to ignore the fact that the government seem to be in utter disarray? Personally, if I never hear the word Brexit ever again it will be too soon. Continue reading…

corporate events

Pippa’s Guide to Finding the Right Venue for Corporate Events

It’s interesting being a PA for many reasons. One of the main ones is that it involves being many things to many people. Whenever I start a new job I feel like a psychologist as I work out how best to adapt to the different personality I am now working for. At times during my career, I’ve also felt like a therapist. I had one boss in particular who liked to really ‘share’ and came to see me as a confidante for all areas of her life. Over the years I’ve also been nursemaid, sales woman, accountant, marketer and general dogsbody, all under the umbrella of the word ‘assistant.’ Continue reading…


Pippa’s Advice on How Executives should handle their Assistants

I’ve been a PA for years now. I love it and, as my experience and pay packet grow so does my sense of fulfilment. I realise how lucky I am to have a job I enjoy, so maybe the best piece of advice I can ever give is this. Find a job you’re good at. The rest will follow. Continue reading…


Pippa’s Guide to Weekly Reviews and When to Have Them

What’s your favourite day of the week? I’d imagine a large percentage of the British population would cite a Saturday or a Sunday but for me it’s Friday. I genuinely love going into work on a Friday. The week is nearly done, people are usually more relaxed and the promise of the weekend inevitably seems to put most people into a good frame of mind. My boss certainly takes longer lunches on a Friday and, depending on how much wine is drunk, has even been known to let me finish early. Continue reading…


It’s all in the mindset

“Sometimes the only person holding you back is yourself.”

It might be a cliché but it’s true; you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to self-motivation and actualising goals. Summoning the courage to go for your dream job is difficult as it requires a lot of patience, confidence and energy, a lot more than you initially might think, and if you’re not wholly committed to pursuing your chosen ambition then it’s all too easy to fall at the first hurdle. Continue reading…


Pippa’s Advice on Networking

When it comes to ‘networking’ people naturally tend to fall into one of two camps.
The first camp consists of those who love nothing more than the sniff of an opportunity to socialise with people who could help them progress in their careers. These people won’t even pause before accepting an invitation to work drinks or to a professional event. They actively look forward to work focussed occasions, will embrace the chance to impress and will invariably have a stack of business cards tucked away in a pocket, ready to be handed out to anyone useful. They will ‘work’ the room and come away from events with new contacts and useful information.
Continue reading…