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The Tate Social Network

The Tate Social Network, launched in October 2015, is a blog written by Tate, an award winning recruitment agency that provides exceptional candidates for high-end office roles.

We find it extremely important to be connected with our clients and candidates and this shows in the tailored and personalised service we provide. We wanted to recreate this relationship in a digital world. A social network to all office professionals and specialists, whether you are a PA or a receptionist or working in Marketing, HR or customer service, where we can discuss topics that are really important to you.

With the Tate Social Network, you will be able to interact with us and fellow professionals but also take part in the various debates we start in our blog posts.

What we discuss in the Tate Social Network

We have created six categories for you to easily access the articles you want to read:

1. HR
2. Marketing
3. Life as a…
4. News
5. Office Support
6. PA/EA

In the Tate Social Network, we want to discuss the topics that matter to you, give you career advice and introduce a few office professionals and office specialists.

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