10 keywords to success

What drives success? Here are 10 keywords that can help push you towards accomplishing your career goals.

1. Consistency

A significant element of success is meeting objectives reliably and consistently. Stay as organised as you can with a fixed schedule and always prioritise your workload to get the most important tasks done first, even during slower periods.

2. Goals

Success is derived from the completion of lots of small goals. Each day give yourself a list of achievable targets so that you’re constantly challenging yourself as well as acknowledging your accomplishments.

3. Relationships

Take time to build strong working relationships – but not just with those you want to emulate. A business is nothing without its people, so to fully understand how it works and to succeed within it you will need to get to know all of your colleagues, not just those higher up.

4. Emotion

Are you aware of your feelings? Can you cope under pressure? Can you allow yourself to relax? It is very important to be emotionally intelligent so that your feelings and passion can work for you rather than against you.

5. Action

Successful people are not passive. They act when they need to, so don’t be afraid to go against the grain if you think it will benefit your prospects in some way. There’s nothing more infuriating than a missed opportunity!

6. Positivity

Negativity breeds negativity, so if you look for the positive in everything you do it will reflect in your attitude to life and work. Always be pushing forward and noting your successes. Learn from your failures but don’t dwell on them.

7. Health

Your body and your mind are not separate entities. If your body is unhealthy it will impact every area of your life; stresses will be harder to deal with, it’ll be more difficult to concentrate and you won’t be able to work to the best of your ability. It’s vital to eat well, stay hydrated and exercise regularly.

8. Mindfulness

Of course it’s just as important to keep your mind healthy as it is your body. A great way to do this is to practice mindfulness, which involves focussing on your surroundings and emotions and allowing yourself to properly feel them for clarity of mind. Meditation is also great for this.

9. Improvement

You can always get better at what you do. Having the motivation to keep improving will help drive you to reaching your goals. Stagnancy is the impediment of success.

10. Early

Starting work early will make you naturally more productive than if you start later in the day. Even if you think you’re more of a night owl you can train yourself to be an early riser!
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