stress at work

Could stress at work kill you?

As part of our series exploring mental health in the workplace, in this week’s post we’re asking: could stress at work kill you?

You may have seen reports over recent years about work-related deaths. Particularly in Japan, where they even have a word for it: karoshi — which literally means ‘death by overwork.’ Continue reading…


Why do people think having AI in the workplace is a good idea?

Will robots take your job? Is there any positivity on the horizon?

Much of the negativity surrounding AI in the workplace today is driven by fear. AI is a technology that appears scary, futuristic and intangible. But in reality, it’s not. Most of us use AI every single day. From Amazon, to Netflix, to Facebook, every time we switch on our computer, tablet or
smartphone, we’re using AI in some form. Continue reading…

Employee Retention

5 Essential Employee Retention Strategies

Keep Your Employees Happy, Motivated, and Part of Your Team

One of the most difficult issues for any company is retaining your best staff. High-quality employees are like gold dust, and at any minute they could hand in their resignation and leave for a better salary, a new challenge, or any other number of reasons. It’s a potential nightmare. Continue reading…

Digital Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

With the start of every New Year comes new trends in digital marketing. Staying on top of what’s happening in the world of digital marketing will keep you fresh within your current role, or allow you to really push on in a new one. Continue reading…

biggest weakness

How to Answer: What’s Your Biggest Weakness? What Hiring Managers Really Want to Hear

For almost all candidates, the most hated question in an interview is “what’s your biggest weakness?” But there’s a good reason why hiring managers still employ this age-old question— however much it might make candidates roll their eyes or run for the hills. Continue reading…


How to keep your office productive during the Christmas Period

Christmas is coming! With tinsel, trees and turkey on the horizon, offices all over the UK will be buzzing with excitement. To make sure there’s no negative impact on your business, you’ll need to consider how you manage your staff in terms of absence and drops in productivity. This guide presents brief and straightforward details on managing things fairly and sensibly. Continue reading…


The best ways to answer “Tell me about yourself” in an interview

The most common question is also one of the most difficult to answer. What do employers actually want to hear?

Despite it being included in almost every interview, few candidates really know how to answer the “tell me about yourself” question. As it is more often than not the first question asked, it is vital that you make a positive first impression. After all, first impressions count. Set the tone for the interview with an amazing answer, and you’ll be one step closer to filling the vacancy. Continue reading…

social media

Is Social Media Affecting Your Career?

The number of employers using social media to screen candidates has increased by over 500% in the last decade. It’s become common practice to research potential candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and seeing as 69% of employers have rejected candidates based on what they’ve found on these sites it’s worth spending time ensuring your online reputation isn’t affecting your professional life. Continue reading…